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Camp Caring Place

Camp Caring Place is our summer program for children age 6 – 12. Each summer we have a different theme, such as Farming or Space, which we base fun and engaging activities around. We often build the themed landscape with cardboard creations in our classroom. Daily field trips add to the sense of discovery.


More About Camp Caring Place

The camp provides social, emotional, cultural, academic, moral and recreational opportunities that are both fun and enriching. We grow your child’s developmental skills and teach them a love for learning that’ll prepare them for a world of change and responsibility. We encourage creativity and freedom, provide a positive environment, foster independence with a sense of responsibility and self-care, and applaud children for being unique individuals.

Activities include: outdoor and social play, music, science adventures, cooking experiences, field trips, creative movement, cultural activities, reading readiness, language development, art activities, health and nutrition lessons, and social learning exercises.