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Twos' Room

Welcome to the Twos’ Room. Here your child will explore, play and grow in a preschool-oriented style of learning.

Every day, our teachers work with your little one on numbers, letters, colors, shapes, months and the days of the week. We also teach them colors and numbers in Spanish. We use themes related to the seasons, holidays and their specific interests, engaging and exciting their curious minds. Language development builds naturally and organically, as we encourage the children to use their words.


Important Information About the Twos' Room

We develop the children’s self-help skills and independence. They’re getting big enough to try dressing themselves, cleaning up after themselves and washing their own hands. Teaching self-help at home will greatly help your little one stay consistent with what we do in class.

We no longer use sippy cups – this is our main transition from the Toddler Room. We also encourage the children to use silverware, instead of their hands, when we eat our meals. We therefore have a lot of spills and messiness, so be sure we have a labeled, seasonally appropriate change of clothes on-hand for your child.

Diapers are changed standing up, as long as they are not soiled. Every time we change a diaper, we encourage the children to use the toilet to promote potty training. Consistency at home again greatly helps.

We have a set naptime. Your child can bring one naptime comfort item that fits in their cubby, as well as a blanket to stay on their bed if you prefer to bring one from home. If you bring your own blanket, make sure to label it clearly. We try to limit the use of pacifiers and other special attachments throughout the day, preferably only using them at naptime. Please leave two extra outfits in your child’s cubby. Please make sure all clothes are size and seasonally appropriate.