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Threes' Room

Welcome to the Threes’ Room. Here your child will engage in activities that captivate their imagination, while learning the skills needed to thrive in their academic, social and personal lives.

Our classroom focuses on pre-reading and pre-writing skills, encouraging development and growth through games, activities and hands-on lessons. We believe learning is most meaningful when children are excited and engaged. In our theme-based units we explore science, writing, reading, math, emotions and much more.

Important Information About the Threes' Room

Our classroom is full of activities both fun and educational. We’ll teach your little one reading readiness, pre-math skills, social tools and ways to grow their self-control. We also explore art, music and activities to improve your child’s gross motor skills.

We help the children express their negative feelings with words instead of aggression. We deal with inappropriate behavior in a positive manner, although sometimes a timeout is appropriate. If your child receives a timeout, we’ll usually let you know at the end of the day so we can work together to tackle the issue.

Your child may bring in a doll, stuffed animal, or other toy that fits in their cubby to be used only at naptime.

You’re always welcome in our classroom – in fact, we encourage parent participation as often as possible. There are also times throughout the year where we’ll invite you to join us for celebrations or special events. We’re excited to get to know you and your child better in the weeks and months to come.