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Fours' Room

Welcome to the Fours’ Room. Here your child will explore new activities every day in a fun and nurturing environment.

We know each child’s a unique individual with a boundless ability to learn and grow. We teach through a wide range of activities that engage your little one’s mind, body and creativity. Your child will learn about the world around them as they grow their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

Important Information About the Fours' Room

Our classroom’s main goal is preparing your child for kindergarten. We teach the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. Every day includes a special group time, where the children learn how to sit, listen and explore lessons as a class. We focus on a new letter, number and shape each week. We’ll also introduce your child to Spanish and sign language, along with basic math skills through patterns, measuring, estimating and simple addition.

We use sensory learning through hands-on exploration with playdough, water, rice, beans and other fun items. This will grow your child’s fine motor skills needed for coloring, writing, cutting and other school activities.

We also know gross motor skills are important to every child’s physical development, so we play outside daily when the weather allows. Running, swinging, jumping and biking all help with coordination and body control.

Your little one will also learn how to thrive socially. Through interactions with their teachers and classmates, they’ll improve their language, sharing and overall social skills. Our teachers treat every child as a unique individual capable of boundless growth. Each child has their own portfolio that keeps track of their progress, and you can view this portfolio at any time. We’re excited to get to know your little one as we help prepare their mind and body for the successful school years ahead.